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Noise is the #2 Urban Environmental Health Hazard*, affecting our sleep, our bodies and our minds.

Noise is defined as unwanted and/or harmful sound. We believe that with less harmful sounds around us we will have a better quality of life and health. Join us to claim back a good sleep, your home and your sanity.

* #1 Urban Environmental Health Hazard is air pollution, according to the WHO

Now that I'm part of the No More Noise group, I'm much more hopeful. — Jane, Toronto

Your fighting spirit is inspirational — Amanda, BC

It feels great to be able to do something.

It has provided valuable information while also giving me a platform to open up a dialog with others. I now feel like there is a way to make my voice heard by the city and hopefully make a difference. — Gail

Thank you for your work, finally I have a way of making a difference on something that bothers me at all hours. — Nancy

I'm so grateful for the great work you are doing. It's so important. — Juan, Toronto